Mission Statement

The Liberators Brand is a lifestyle brand centered around providing psychological, physical, spiritual, and financial freedom.

-Jeremey N. I. Shropshire, MS, Founder

The Liberators Podcast

The Liberators Podcast is a media platform designed to promote psycological, physical, spiritual, and financial freedom. It is hosted weekly by Jeremey N. I. Shropshire, MS.


The Black Mind: A Compass to Enlightenment and Success

The Black Mind is a guideline comprised of a myriad of life-principles, historical references, and financial suggestions created to assist anyone along their journey of self-development, enlightenment, and success.


The Power of Medicine Tee

The Power of Medicine Tee celebrates the legacy and impact of six major figures in the landscape of American medicine. Attached in every Tee is a QR code that downloads an educational excerpt about these figures. Their names are Dr. James McCune Smith, Dr. Rebecca Lee Crumpler, Dr. Mae Carol Jemison, Dr. Charles R. Drew, Dr. Regina Benjamin, and Henrietta Lacks.