The Black Mind: A Compass To Enlightenment and Success [Autographed Copy]

The Black Mind: A Compass To Enlightenment and Success [Autographed Copy]

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The Black Mind is a guideline comprised of a myriad of life-principles, historical references, and financial suggestions created to assist anyone along their journey of self-development, enlightenment, and success.

Guidance Toward Fulfillment

Affected by the obstacles of low self-esteem? This book outlines principles that emphasize the importance of valuing one's self and exhibiting confidence. Furthermore, it stresses the significance of connecting with one’s inner-self and a Divine Power. The Black Mind provides information about how to achieve excellence in any area of human endeavor.

Principles and Suggestions for Financial Freedom

A community’s power stems from their ability to practice intelligent and strategic economics. With The Black Mind, you will learn the different methods of achieving individual wealth, as well as, direction for channeling this individual wealth into generational and community wealth.

Securing a Healthy Lifestyle

The Black Mind brings awareness to many of the health issues affecting the Black Community physically and psychologically. Through practical suggestions, readers can make positive strides toward a healthier lifestyle. 

Solutions for Family and Community Building

Many of the issues facing the Black Community are a result of disconnection among families and community structures. The Black Mind presents a variety of solutions designed to assuage the plight currently hindering the restoration of harmony within relationships, families, and communities.

About The Author
JEREMEY N. I. SHROPSHIRE was born and raised in Hammond, LA, and is the proud graduate of Xavier University of Louisiana where he earned a Bachelor of Science in chemistry in 2017. After Xavier, Jeremey matriculated at Columbia University School of Professional Studies and has since earned a Master of Science in bioethics. Throughout his life experiences, he has been able to gain a keen understanding of the issues that face the Black Community. Always the student, The Black Mind is his first creative work designed to provide awareness and solutions to those problems. As an advocate for the underprivileged and underserved, he remains committed in his work to bring about the enlightenment and success of Black people. Want to learn more about obtaining enlightenment and success in your life? Purchase your copy of The Black Mind today.